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Union anger over Hampshire County Council pay awards

A union wants an inquiry into why 10 senior Hampshire County Council officers received a total of £80,000 extra pay, despite a no-bonus policy.

Payments of up to £15,000 each were made over two years.

Council leader councillor Ken Thornber said the additional sums were not bonuses but "honorariums" to recognise the achievements of senior staff.

Unison said the same officers were advising councillors that most staff should have no pay rises this year.

'Exceptional performance'

Peter Terry, of Unison, said: "We think it's outrageous that the highest-paid employees at the county council, the chief executive and his deputies, should be given a pay rise, a five-figure sum.

"When at the same time those very officers are advising the Conservative county council that the vast majority of the staff that work for them should have no pay rise at all this year."

Mr Thornber said: "There was exceptional performance, before the cuts were announced some two years later.

"We were making reductions through efficiency savings of £57m over three years, equivalent to £100 off the council tax, and at the same time we were the top performing county council in the land - so I did make a one-off award."

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