Viewers 'misled' in TV programme about Bristol estate

The producers of a BBC programme about a housing estate in Bristol have been accused of showing misleading pictures of anti-social behaviour.

The Estate We're In is being broadcast on BBC One and looks at social issues in the Lawrence Weston area.

But a beat officer for the area, Pc Shaun Underwood, said some of the scenes were not filmed there.

The BBC said it had "absolutely no intention" of misleading viewers and was looking into the matter further.

'Official complaint'

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said they would be making an official complaint to Twofour Productions, the independent company which filmed the programme.

The spokesman said: "We will only work with production companies and broadcasters who can be trusted to carry out thorough research and provide accurate information in the finished product.

"Clearly, Twofour Productions provided factually incorrect material as part of their production of The Estate.

"In future we will not be participating in any filming with this company."

Pc Underwood said footage of youths with their hoods up and scarves over their faces being abusive to police officers was not shot in Lawrence Weston.

"I would be intrigued to see what the producers would say if they were to come to speak to residents because I don't think they would be overly happy," he said.

"It wasn't part of my beat, I take a lot of pride in my area and I'm proud of the area.

"I just think it is very sad they portrayed somewhere else as Lawrence Weston.

"I took the film-makers out with me several times and they never got any footage like that - because it doesn't happen round this area anymore.

"There are definitely positives that have come out of the programme... but I just don't think it is fair to show somewhere else as Lawrence Weston."

'Re-editing footage'

In a statement the BBC said: "We are disappointed to learn that it appears this footage was not in fact filmed on Lawrence Weston estate.

"Twofour Productions have given us a guarantee that there are no other instances such as this in the series.

"We take this matter seriously and are looking into it further."

Kent Upshon, who produced the programme for Twofour Productions, said: "There was no attempt to mislead viewers.

"We thought, because we were with the police, we were within the boundaries of Lawrence Weston.

"We are talking to the BBC about re-editing the footage for the iPlayer and speaking to BBC colleagues today to see what further action we are going to take."

In the film troubleshooter Silla Carron, who is credited with turning around her London council estate from one of the worst in the city, takes up the challenge of transforming a Bristol estate that has lost its sense of community.

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