Northern Ireland

Lisburn pensioner taking a bath in the Irish Sea

Mervyn Kinkead
Image caption Mervyn Kinkead hopes to set a world record by sailing across the Irish Sea in a bath

Lisburn pensioner Mervyn Kinkead plans to do what no-one has done before and cross the Irish Sea in a standard household bath.

He hopes to launch the bath with stabilisers and an outboard motor from Donaghadee, and attempt to sail it singlehanded across the sea to Portpatrick in Scotland.

The 65-year-old decided to take on the challenge for charity.

He hopes to make the trip by September, depending on the weather conditions.

"I may be a bit mad, but hopefully I've got some sense too," he said.

"We have tested the bath in ideal conditions and there is no doubt it can work.

"We've also applied to Guinness World Records to see if we can get our efforts recognised."

The two charities benefiting from the pensioners endeavours are Marie Curie Cancer Care and the "Water for Life" project run by Friends in Action.