Nottinghamshire villagers angry at rat run delay

Nottinghamshire campaigners who are battling against lorries using their village as a rat run say red tape is putting their lives at risk.

People living in Kilvington near Newark were told that HGVs would be stopped from using the village.

One person has died in an accident and villagers are concerned there might be further crashes.

The county council admits paperwork and research means the changes will not happen until next year.

Legal delays

Sarah Hilton Bailey, from Kilvington, said it is "scary" when villagers come head to head with lorries on the narrow village roads.

The county had promised to erect new signs restricting vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes from using the village roads.

County Councillor Richard Jackson said the legal paperwork needed will not be finished until next year.

"We need to get a legal order to restrict the use of the road… but to do that we need to show we have consulted properly and looked at all options and the impact of the ban on the wider area," Mr Jackson said.

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