Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland weather update


A dry afternoon to come with blue sky and sunshine through mid-Ulster and a few friendly clouds over Belfast and County Down. The sunshine will tend to fade in the west as clouds roll in and cloudy skies will reach Belfast and the east coast this afternoon, but probably not enough to entirely blot out the sun until evening.

It will be dry everywhere until well into the evening, so no excuse to stay indoors. Temperatures will peak at 19, perhaps 20, degrees in the sunnier spots with just a light southwest wind.

Most places will remain dry through the evening, though it will become fairly cloud overnight and some drizzle or light rain will develop during the early hours.

A warmer night with lows of 12 Celsius.


Damp and cloudy through the morning with drizzly rain, becoming drier in the afternoon.


Rather cloudy, damp for a while in the morning.

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