Oxford City Council staff to keep pay rises

Oxford City Council has rejected calls to reverse pay rises given to five senior staff.

A group of city councillors called for the change after it emerged the officers received pay increases last year of between 11% and 34%.

At a meeting on 12 July, city leaders said the pay rises were necessary to bring the council in line with other similar-sized local authorities.

It added they were implemented following an independent pay review.

Councillor John Tanner, who sits on the city executive board, said: "It is important that we pay the right level if we are going to get the right job done for the council - that is for all levels of staffing".

Frozen allowances

Councillor David Williams said he did not support job losses for senior staff but was opposed to the pay rises.

He said: "We're talking about an extra £200,000 for these wage increases.

"It would have been better spent keeping more people in employment."

The council agreed independent advice should be taken on all future increases and councillors also agreed their allowances should be frozen for two years.

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