Your Family: Have you had to deal with difficult issues?

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Family out walking

BBC Radio 4's Bringing Up Britain will soon be back examining issues affecting families today. The producers are very keen to speak with families with experience of some difficult issues.

Did you worrying about your weight as a child? Has it affected you and did any of the healthy eating campaigns and exercise advice help? If you are a parent of an overweight child, how difficult has it been raising your child to eat healthily without giving them a complex about food?

What is the best way of breaking bad news to children? Have you and your partner recently split up? If so, how did you go about telling the news to your children? Did you have bad news broken to you as a child? Was it handled in a way that helped you cope with the situation?

Are you the parent of a single child? Are you concerned that your child is "missing out" because it has no siblings? Have you felt pressure to have more children? Do you compare your parenting experiences with friends who have more than one child?