Working during the Big Bang?

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City gents in bowlers and overcoats outside Bank of England

The BBC's Kirsty Young is presenting a new series about the British at work and we are looking for people to tell their stories.

We are looking for people who worked in the City before and after the Big Bang to tell us how their work changed and how attitudes to work changed. We want to tell the story of how the style and pace of work in the City changed throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s.

Were you one of the new 'barrow boys' who took the City by storm?

Did the bowler hat suddenly look very out of place? Did you work for an old, established firm that found the changes difficult to deal with? What was the feeling about this change: was it for the better or worse?

Did it feel like a gentlemanly era was over? Or did it feel like an old boys club was finally open to others?

Was this the time when the slow, leisurely lunch was replaced by a quick sandwich at the desk?

What technological changes happened at this time? Did it make your work easier or just faster?

And do you remember when it all went wrong in 1987 and in 1992? How did that affect your work? Or did it even mean you lost your job?