Is 'happiness' a skill you can learn?

A new charity, Action for Happiness, is being launched to try to spread the latest research and advice on how to be happier.

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Media captionAndy Puddicombe guides you through a ten-minute mindfulness exercise

BBC Breakfast wants you to also have a go at trying the 'Happiness Challenge' and share your progress too.

It wont take much time, there are just three parts to the challenge:

1.10 minutes of daily mindfulness meditation

2.Writing down good things that happen to you and a letter expressing your gratitude

3.Doing one or more additional acts of kindness each day

To take part in the challenge, download the Happiness Challenge workbook on this page and everything will be explained. To accompany the document, on this page, above, there is a ten-minute meditation video. Former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe will guide you through a process he says will help you worry less, enjoy daily life more and get on better with the people around you.

We are keen to know your views on all of this and what you think you can do to improve your sense of wellbeing. Share your progress by tweeting us using the #bbchappy hashtag, or write on our Facebook wall.

All this week I'll be reporting from Scarborough about my 'Happiness Guinea Pigs' and also looking at the 'Happiness Movement' and the science and politics that lie behind it.