Yemen protests: Your stories


Demonstrations have been taking places in Yemen where anti-government protesters are demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh leave office immediately.

In the capital, Sanaa, protesters took to the streets after Friday prayers but were met by government supporters wielding sticks.

Clashes have also been reported in the southern city of Taiz where tens of thousands gathered, chanting "down with the dictator".

Atias, attended a demonstration in Sanaa

I went to the protest to document events. It all started very peacefully, and the idea was to meet in front of the university - but the thugs were already there and the people moved elsewhere.

Then all of a sudden security forces blocked the area, no-one was allowed to get out. Thugs started to come in and throw stones at us.

There were two young girls who were selling books - I took them to safety into a house. I told security that children were there, but the thugs came in and started to attack us.

We managed to run away. The use of force is definitely escalating - security forces didn't hit anyone, but they certainly didn't do anything and stopped us from getting away from there.

The violence will not stop the protests from happening and less so in Aden and Taiz. Some tribal groups have said they will come and support the protests.

This could be helpful but also dangerous, as things could escalate to civil war between tribes.