Australian tree-sitter ends 15-month protest after bushfire

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Miranda Gibson
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Miranda Gibson spent over 450 days up the tree

An anti-logging campaigner in Australia who spent 15 months living up a tree has been forced down by a bushfire.

Miranda Gibson held her vigil on a platform attached to a 400-year-old eucalyptus tree 60m (190ft) above the ground.

The teacher, protesting against the logging of native Tasmanian forests, vowed to continue her campaign.

She decided to come down after police and her support crew warned her about the dangers posed by a nearby bushfire.

"It is disappointing to come down under these circumstances," Ms Gibson said. "However, I believe what I have achieved throughout being there for over a year has been absolutely remarkable."

She said that she would continue to highlight the plight of Tasmania's forests.

In addition to isolation and solitude, she would have had to fight the effects of the harsh Tasmanian winter, the BBC's Phil Mercer in Sydney reports.

Ms Gibson said her life was made bearable by solar-powered satellite technology, which she used to address environmental conferences from the tree.