Noisy neighbours 'top nuisance list'

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More than a quarter of UK adults have had a problem with a nuisance neighbour in the past year, suggests a survey for consumer organisation Which?

Loud voices and arguing topped the list of annoyances. Loud music, slamming doors and noisy pets also featured.

Compared with older people, those in their 20s were almost twice as likely to say they have experienced a nuisance neighbour, according to the survey.

Which? says young people tend to put up with a problem rather than take action.

Overall, 27% of the 2,062 UK adults questioned online by Populus in June said they had experienced a problem.

Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 33% had encountered a problem in the past year, with the figure being 17% for those aged 65 and over.

Of those who had experienced a problem, loud voices were cited by 41%, followed by loud music and TVs (29%).

"Our research has found that young people especially are suffering in silence," said Which? executive director Richard Lloyd.

"There are a number of ways you can complain and resolve a dispute."

The consumer group has produced a free guide on how to deal with a nuisance neighbour, which highlights four strategies:

  • Speak to your neighbour to see if they will stop the annoyance
  • Contact your landlord or freeholder who may be able to take action
  • Contact your local authority who may investigate and prosecute
  • Go to the ombudsman if you've exhausted your council's complaints process

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