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To shave or not to shave: What do you do with your armpit hair?

Chinese woman displaying armpit hair (June 2015) Image copyright Gender in China

Xiao Meili is a well known women's rights activist in China.

She launched an "Armpit Hair Competition" on China's popular micro-blog service Weibo to get women to take ownership of their bodies.

The competition attracted thousands of comments from Chinese women.

You have been sharing your thoughts via @BBC_HaveYourSay on Twitter. Here is a selection of your tweets:

@jen_vorhaut in Washington DC, US, chooses not to shave her armpits.

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@MARKDIDDY from Nigeria shared reasons for preferring armpits to remain hairless.

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But not all readers agree that shaving armpits is the best way forward. @bijubelinky in London, UK, thinks it is down to the individual to choose.

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@YHHSulami from Manhattan, Kansas, US, thinks that shaving armpits is a way to keep clean.

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@ennisorca is from Australia and says that shaving, or choosing not to shave, is a seasonal choice.

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And finally, @WomenAlso_ from the UK raises the point that shaving armpit hair has nothing to do with hygiene.

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Update 23 November 2017: This page has been amended to remove a tweet that, although innocuous, subsequently turned out to have been generated by a Russian "troll" account.

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