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The Pitch – tell us your story ideas

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Media captionThe Pitch – tell us your story ideas

What story do you think the BBC should be reporting on and sharing with our audience?

'The Pitch' is a chance for young people aged 11-18 to suggest an idea for a story or report to BBC News - if you've got a great idea programmes like Radio 1's Newsbeat, CBBC Newsround and the Victoria Derbyshire Programme might come and make it with you and put it on the television, radio, online or social media.

Perhaps you've got an idea for a personal story - about you or a friend or member of your family?

Maybe there's something unique happening in your community that you think more people should know about?

Or is there an issue you are passionate about that you would like the BBC to share with a wider audience?

You can send us an outline of your story in either words, or short video, audio or pictures using our our online uploader.

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Media captionGrace wanted to tell others how bullying can be overcome. She worked with the BBC News at Six to share her story

Liv wanted to let others know what it is like to have really big feet, Blessing talked about tips to cope with exam stress and Junior reported with CBBC Newsound and BBC Breakfast about how his love of dance has helped him overcome being bullied.

Whatever your story idea is we want to hear it - tell us why the subject matters to you and some suggestions about how you would like to tell it to a BBC audience.

Send us your submission online here.

Image caption Blessing pitched an idea about exam stress and she ended up sharing her top tips about how to cope on BBC social media platforms.

And don't forget the BBC tells stories in many different ways, including audio diaries, discussions, animation, video reports and short digital films which we share on our social media platforms.

You need to be aged 11-18 to get involved and will need to get permission from your parent/guardian.

If you're a school signed up for BBC School Report you can also share your story ideas via schoolreportuploads@bbc.co.uk. If you're not already registered with then you can find out how to take part in the project here.

Unfortunately we cannot respond to all individual submissions but we will be in touch with you directly if we are able to pursue your idea further.

Read the full Terms and Conditions for this assignment here.

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