Signing in to a BBC account and seeing more news from your nation

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By clicking on the "Sign in" or "Register" link on the news homepage you can login to a BBC account. Having a BBC account gives you a number of ways to make the most of the BBC. Find out more here.

If you dismiss the message above without signing in then we'll remind you after a few days when you use the news homepage again.

If you dismiss the message four times then we'll stop showing you the message. If you use different devices/browsers to access the news homepage then you may see the message appearing on each device/browser.

The different BBC News homepage options

By signing in to a BBC Account you can see more of the top stories affecting your nation, alongside the main UK and international headlines.

The change we have made means that we take your UK nation (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) into account in selecting stories at the top of the news homepage.

This is an example of the stories at the top of the news homepage being different for the nations:

All options still provide UK-wide stories, international stories and stories from the UK nations. The difference is that a team in each of the four nations is considering if any top stories are less relevant for that nation's audience and removing them if appropriate and adding in any stories that are more relevant.

We expect that a lot of the time there will not be many changes. Some of the time there will be none.

How does it work?

The nations feature is only available when you're signed into your BBC account.

If you provided your postcode when registering for your BBC account, you'll automatically see more of the top stories for your nation (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales) when you are signed in.

If you didn't provide a postcode, or if you'd like to change the selected nation, you can edit your preference using this settings option on the news homepage.

You can also use this to choose to remain with the 'UK' option.

In some situations we cannot reliably determine your nation from your postcode* so you'll see the 'UK' stories but you can select any of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales using the settings option on the news homepage.

*this can happen because we use only the first part of your postcode (the postcode region) for this feature and some postcode regions overlap boundaries.

I've selected my nation but am not seeing more news for my nation. Why is this?

The feature only affects the stories at the top of the news homepage. There won't always be different stories for your nation, so on some days you won't see any change.

Can I give you feedback?

Yes, tell us what you think of this change. Contact BBC News Online.