Britain reacts to an 'underwhelming' earthquake

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Image caption Some spilled tea was reported on social media to be among the worst of the damages caused by the minor earthquake

It turns out that no earthquake is too minor for Britain to react to with self-deprecating humour.

The earth moved in parts of England and Wales on Saturday afternoon, leading to numerous reports of rocking armchairs and settees. "We felt a big shake and my grandmother thought it was a heron landing on the roof," Tom told the BBC.

The epicentre was roughly 12 miles (20km) north-east of Swansea, where some residents were briefly startled by trembling ceilings and walls, and a football match in Wales was delayed.

"You don't expect it, do you, on a wintery Saturday in South Wales," Sue Bailey said from near the city.

Then after the British Geological Survey confirmed that the shakes and tremors was indeed a 4.4 magnitude earthquake , which is the biggest in 10 years, all that was left was for social media to begin their gentle mocking.

"Quick, check the biscuits!" one popular Twitter account, @VeryBritishProblems , wrote.

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Pictures of the damage were shared, including by Ross Hornby whose box of chocolates fell off a fridge. "This earthquake hasn't taken everything from me yet!" he declared.

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On Twitter @petersianchuk wondered how Britain would cope with the impact.

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"We will rebuild," another user pledged.

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"Millions of pounds of improvements caused in Wales after earthquake strikes," read one popular joke.

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Image caption One reader sent this picture of an ornament that broken in the earthquake. "We will re-glue," she promised

Some used the occasion to take aim at the nation.

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Others spoke of their regret on missing the event.

"Most exciting thing to happen in Ystrad, Wales for years and I missed it by a day and a half," wrote Chris Miller on Facebook.

"First time I've spoken to half my neighbours in about five years so that was nice," Bowen Lloyd revealed on Twitter .

Meanwhile, countries who regularly experience deadly earthquakes sent their condolences.

"Thoughts and prayers from the US," @LyricsPlays wrote.

"4.4? Oh that's normal here in Costa Rica, Central America. All the best UK," wrote @RicardoVargasfi.

Another user replied: "Of course our earthquakes include a plus of volcanoes and ash".

"You all need to man up a bit - it was a 4.2 magnitude earthquake," another wrote .

But despite the jokes, most people were excited to share their experience of having lived through the most recent British earthquake.

"I've always wanted to feel an earthquake too - my whole house shook, it was pretty cool," Melissa Resoli wrote on Facebook.

Let's just say, some people in London are feeling a bit jealous right now.

By BBC UGC & Social news