Turning Nigeria into a resort paradise
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Turning Nigeria into a resort paradise

Local firms are keen to turn Nigeria into a resort destination, by introducing leisure and hospitality businesses that don't currently exist.

Scubadivers are increasingly being attracted to West African shores by the clear blue waters, varied marine life and shipwrecks, and Lagos is capitalising on the interest.

"This has now opened up a huge arena for a different activity in Lagos that simply was not available before, and what we've discovered is that it's an untapped resource of extremely beautiful dives," said Houssam Azem, founder of Scuba Lagos, Scubalagos, the first official diving resort in Nigeria that has been certified by the world's leading scuba diver training organisation.

"We have whales, dolphins - everything that people pay lots and lots of money to see elsewhere in the world - in our own backyard."

  • 21 Feb 2020