Three disabled food connoisseurs discuss cooking when you're disabled

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On this month's Ouch Talk Show, we bring three disabled foodies together to thrash out some of the burning questions that arise when it comes to cooking when you're disabled.

The culinary connoisseurs who join us in the studio include Ronnie Murray, a professional chef, who has a shortened left arm and has developed his own methods of cooking, Ian Macrae, editor of Disability Now, who is blind and cooks for pleasure and blogger Flash Bristow who shares her strategies for cooking when standing for long periods of time is not an option.

We are also invited in to the kitchen of Molly Lane and Bethan Griffiths, who have cerebral palsy and are arts students at the National Star college in Cheltenham. At the beginning of this academic year all they could cook was beans on toast. Now they prepare tasty, nutritious meals on a tight budget and whip up their version of shepherd's pie for us.

Presenters: Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty

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Chickpea salad with chilli, lime and coriander by blind cook Ian Macrae

This is a great side dish with barbecued food or grilled meat or and fish. It is easily bulked up to make more if you’re planning a big meal. It is also economical, the ingredients I bought for the one I made on the show cost £2.00 at my local green grocer.


400g tin of soaked chickpeas or 300g of dried. (soaking bulks them up)

1 medium red onion

2 fresh red chillies

2 limes

3 tbsps of olive oil.

Some sugar to taste but no more than 3 tsps.

a good sized bunch of fresh coriander.

Salt and pepper for seasoning


1. If using dried chickpeas, soak over night and then boil rapidly for about 40-45 minutes in unsalted water until softened but still with some crunch to them. If using tinned, drain of all liquid, rinse well. put the chickpeas in a bowl be sure if they’ve been cooked that they’re properly cooled under cold water.

2. Peel, trim and Finely dice the red onion and add to the bowl of chickpeas.

3. Cut and de-seed the chillis and either chop them very finely or mince them in a small food processor. Add them to the bowl.

4. Strip the zest from the limes and set aside. Juice them into a container, preferably one with a top with a good seal. Add the olive oil and give it a good shake to mix. Add the sugar spoonful by spoonful tasting as you go. Shake again and add to the bowl. Stir very well. Chop the lime zest very finely, add it to the bowl and stir well again.

5. Chop the coriander including some of the stems and add to the mixture in the bowl. Pull off a few coriander leaves and scatter them whole over the top of the bowl.