Why is it so difficult for disabled people to buy and wear shoes?

Shoes - it’s a hot topic amongst disabled people. Buying them and wearing them can be a nightmare, especially if it means regularly wearing them out.

Throughout the ages, shoes have been either practical or decorative but rarely both and we in the disabled community often have to adapt what’s on offer to suit our needs.

So, why do so many of us have to pick function over fashion – and does having that choice really matter?

BBC Ouch chats all things shoes to lifestyle and fashion YouTuber, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, whose vintage style and taste for high heels often raises eyebrows in the context of her disabilities.

Actor and comedian Tim Renkow also joins us in the studio. He has Cerebral Palsy but doesn’t wear shoes because, he says, they’re just not worth the hassle.

Presented by Niamh Hughes with Beth Rose.

A transcript will be available shortly.