Ever dislocated your hips in a moment of passion?

Have you ever been lost in a passionate moment only to realise your hips are about to dislocate?

Well, Xandra Lee has been in that precarious place more times than she'd like to remember and set about writing a sex and relationships manual for people with 'dodgy hips'.

Diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a teenager, she quickly realised there was no information out there - medical or otherwise - for safe, painless sex, especially if, like her, you are a younger person.

So, she set about changing that by writing a book: Sex, with these Hips?.

The other guest on the programme is Mel Halacre, a mental health counsellor who specialises in disability. She talks to Ouch about how the constant drip drip drip of low-level discrimination can build into bigger problems, and provides useful coping strategies for listeners.

Presented by Emma Tracey and Simon Minty. A transcript is available here.

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