How brave and powerful are you?

Souleyman Bah was the first disabled contestant on BBC One's The Apprentice.

But just three weeks into the season he was fired by Lord Sugar and told he was “brave” for being there - how did he feel when he was served up with that cliché from the famous businessman? And what was it like behind the scenes?

The Vacuum Cleaner, aka James Leadbitter, has run his mental health project Madlove for five years. It’s all about giving people a say in what their care should look and feel like. He tells Ouch about his new project where he has taken over a former branch of Argos in St Helens, Merseyside, and turned it into a mental health sanctuary, complete with its own blend of tea.

How hard is it to be green when you’re disabled and have to use more taxis and avoid the easy to use products with throwaway packaging, for instance. Sam Little gives us some tips and tricks on being environmentally friendly.

And we take a wry look at the newly published power list of disabled people from Shaw Trust.

Presented by Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty.

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