Gaby Amarantos
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LatAm Beats: Brazil's Gaby Amarantos

In the sixth episode of a new series showcasing Latin America's musical talent, Brazil's Gaby Amarantos performs her song Beba Doida (Crazy Drunk) and explains how she came up with her own unique sound.

Gaby Amarantos got into the Brazilian music scene through the back door - still living to this day in the outskirts of Belem, in the north of the country, the singer self-produced and self-promoted her first albums.

She helped create a new type of music, known as tecnobrega or 'cheesy techno', which mixes traditional rhythms from the Amazon region and the Caribbean with electronic beats.

Known for her extravagant and revealing clothes, she used her entrepreneurial talents to get her music recognized online and is now seen as an icon of the new Brazilian middle class.

Video produced by Peter Price, Owain Rich, Ben Honeybone and Rodrigo Pinto.

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  • 19 Oct 2012
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