“The Pink Windmill kids” reunite for Comic Relief after dance from 1984 goes viral

This year's Comic Relief sees the return of the dancing "Pink Windmill kids".

Katrina, Hugh, Sarah, Emma and Joe became internet sensations 33 years after their dance aired on the ITV's Emu All Live Pink Windmill Show in 1984.

Joe from the group spoke to 5 live Drive about the show and how the reunion came about:

"We went to a stage school so all the kids were from the same school. You can tell we were a generation brought up on E numbers and preservatives because we were so manic. It was great fun to do."

He added: "It sort of went viral at the end of the last year. We were getting requests to remake it but we were undecided, then Comic Relief approached us and it just felt right - it seemed to capture the whole spirit of the thing."

This clip is originally from 5 live Drive on Wednesday 1 March 2017