Missing out on free school meals?
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The campaign to roll-over free school meal credit

A grassroots campaign, led by school pupils in Darlington, has gone UK-wide. Its aim: to make sure that children entitled to free school meals are able to use their full allowance. Pupils in North East England spoke out because those on free school meals who didn’t spend their allowance at lunchtime on a particular day weren’t allowed to carry the money over. As a result, many have had to choose between extra-curricular activities and a hot meal at lunch – whereas pupils who get the money from their parents do get to carry it over. After installing a piece of software for £250, Carmel Academy in Darlington has delivered £17,000 worth of free school meals back to the neediest pupils in the past year. Now they want others around the country to follow their lead.

  • 08 May 2019