Lyubov Sobol: Meet Russia's invisible influencer

She is one of Russia’s biggest influencers, with over a million YouTube subscribers following her anti-corruption investigations.

She has used her social media power to spark some of the biggest protests against Vladimir Putin's government in over a decade - yet she’s barely featured on mainstream media, and is banned from standing for local election.

We gain exclusive access to Lyubov Sobol in the run up to one of the biggest days of her life, and find out why she's willing to risk everything - including her family's safety - to make a stand.

A film by Elizaveta Vereykina and Elise Wicker for BBC 100 Women.

Lyubov Sobol is one of the BBC's 100 Women 2019. BBC 100 Women names 100 influential and inspirational women each year and shares their stories. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and use #100Women.

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