Lockdown rules: How to keep your guests safe from Covid-19

New lockdown rules from 4 July mean changes for people living in England.

Now one household can spend time with another one indoors so long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

This is on top of the rules about meeting outside - where you can still meet in groups of up to six from different households - again keeping your distance.

In Northern Ireland, you can meet up to 30 people outdoors, or up to six people indoors - while maintaining social distancing.

In Wales, you can only meet up outdoors and with one other household at a time.

While in Scotland, one household can see no more than two others, outdoors, in a single day.

But what is the best way to ensure you do everything you can to keep people safe?

BBC health correspondent, Laura Foster, explains.

Video by Laura Foster, Ameer Ahmed and Terry Saunders