Anorexia at 38: how my friends helped me through it

New figures from the NHS show more than half of hospital admissions for eating disorders in England are for adults over 20.

Kathryn, 38, from Liverpool, is currently being treated for adult-onset anorexia in one of 33 NHS specialist units.

She received this text message from a close friend: "You're not well, you're really thin hun, Kathryn you could die, it's that serious. Kids with no mum. You need intervention."

The mum of two said her light bulb moment came at a family Christmas dinner: "I could hear my family all laughing, I just sat there crying with bits of food on my plate, thinking you've lost it".

Kathryn said the support of her friend Amanda and sister-in-law Kim has been "amazing".

This clip is originally from 5 live.