Bereaved mum wins benefit case after daughter's death

The mother of a woman who died after being denied PIP has spoken to the BBC about her battle to sue the benefits assessment firm Capita.

Sue Kemlo's daughter Victoria Smith was awarded the benefit a week after her death.

The family took Capita – who carried out her assessment on behalf of the DWP – to court and won over £10,000.

A Capita spokesperson said: “We offer our deepest condolences to the family in this very tragic case. We have reviewed this at a senior clinical level and we are confident that our report was correct based on the information presented to us at the time of the assessment.

“Our full response to the claim was not considered by the Court as a result of a procedural issue, and as a consequence judgment in default has been entered into against us. We have asked the Court to investigate the procedural issue and we are expecting a response from the Court shortly.”