Coronavirus: 'We need a designated shielding hour'

Hundreds of people have backed Natasha Howard's campaign to introduce a "shielding hour".

The idea is to set a time when people who aren't shielding stay indoors, so those who are shielding can leave their homes and know they won't come close to someone with coronavirus.

Around 2.5 million people in the UK were sent letters on 22 March, telling them not to leave their homes because they were most at-risk from Covid-19.

The current advice on shielding is due to expire in England and Northern Ireland on 30 June; in Scotland on 31 July and in Wales on 16 August.

The group National Voices, which represents hundreds of health and social care charities, is urging the government to carefully consider the issues facing those who are shielding, in order to avoid creating a "two-tier pandemic society".

The Department for Health and Social Care says it is "looking to make life easier" for those who are shielding.

Video by health and science correspondent Laura Foster