Jo Ann Priesly and Tami Longaberger
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Ohio: Swing state voters fight for the future

In the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, all eyes have been on Ohio, which has proved in the past to be a pivotal state. Winning the Buckeye state's 18 electoral votes is often the last hurdle on the road to the White House, with many calling it a "must win" for Romney.

But winning Ohio is no easy task. The state is a diverse one, with high concentrations of African-American voters in urban areas, affluent suburbs, liberal pockets of academia, rural voters, and working class white voters - the type who break for Romney in other states, but who greatly benefited from President Obama's auto bail out in Ohio.

All of these voters want a brighter future and a more secure nation - but they don't all agree how to get there.

The BBC talked to two Ohio women with very different opinions about the best presidential candidate. Jo Ann Priesly believes the American social safety net needs to be preserved, while Tami Longaberger says the nation's entrepreneurial spirit needs better leadership.

  • 07 Nov 2012