Good Night Lamps
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Leading lights in the world of light technology

Most of us rely on artificial light at work and at home - but how often do we actually notice it? Or appreciate how it was made?

Technology has transformed the possibilities for designers working with light and BBC News has caught up with three of them to learn how they have embraced it.

Adrian McEwen, one of the founders of Good Night Lamp, a London Tech City-based start-up, explained how his company's wi-fi lamps aim to turn light into a "physical social network" for the globalised, internet age. At an advanced prototype stage, they are due put the lamps into production later this year.

Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio, who specialises in lighting for commercial surroundings, demonstrated his Pacifico chandelier - an interactive light that follows people around the room using thermal cameras and software.

And lighting designer Sharon Marston, showing off her latest exhibit at Clerkenwell Design Week, explained why fibre optic lighting remains her material of choice. Improvements in LED projector technology are making this form of lighting, which can be made with glass or polymers, more affordable and easier to install.

Video Journalist: Dougal Shaw

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  • 31 May 2013
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