Up Next: The technology that is shaping fashion

The essence of the fashion industry hardly seems to have changed much over recent decades. Models wear the latest creations on the catwalk, then cheaper, more accessible versions of those clothes make their way to clothes racks in the shops.

But some individuals are using the latest technology to shake up fashion, at every stage of the process, as BBC News has been finding out.

French fashion designer Julien Fournie grew tired of the constraints of traditional fashion, including battles with seamstresses about what could or could not be done. He talked to BBC News about his use of FashionLab software, part of a working relationship he has developed with French technology company Dassault Systemes. The software allows him to test designs virtually, with a 3D interface, before sending them on to the catwalk.

Meanwhile, at Imperial College London's business incubator lab, a young company is experimenting with the way we choose clothes. Jeffrey Ng Sing Kwong of Cortexica, explained how his team have used research into the way the brain processes visual information by the Bioengineering department, to build a fashion platform. Its software algorithms look at fashion images to find similar items, second-guessing an individual's taste in clothes.

While we are increasingly shopping online, traditional shopping outlets like malls, are also harnessing internet technology to try and entice customers. Myf Ryan of Westfield shopping centres explained how her company is experimenting with ways to connect the physical shopping experience with the virtual online world for customers.

Video Journalist: Dougal Shaw

Up Next is a series of video features for the BBC News website which examines the new developments that could affect all of our lives in the future.

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