The man who makes £100,000 watches

During his lifetime, George Daniels was considered by many to be the finest watchmaker - or horologist - in the world.

Working from his studio in the Isle of Man, Daniels is claimed to be the first person in history to make every component of a watch from scratch and by hand. The timepieces he painstakingly produced were said to be among the most extraordinary and technically advanced watches ever made.

Daniels died in 2011, bequeathing his entire workshop to his apprentice Roger W. Smith who continues what is known as the Daniels method of handmaking watches. Smith started his own studio in 2001, and now produces around 10 watches every year.

Each of the watches - prices for which start at £95,000 - takes more than six months for a single watchmaker to create by hand.

BBC News went to the Isle of Man to find out more about the pursuit of watchmaking perfection.

Video journalist: Neil Meads

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