Man next to crumbling buildings in A Barca
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A Barca: The Spanish hamlet being given away for free

The tiny 15th Century hamlet of A Barca in north-western Spain is seeking a new owner. The right person could take possession of the 12 crumbling houses, and the picturesque land surrounding them, without paying a single euro.

A huge dam project in the late 1950s forced villagers to leave, and the abandoned houses fell into disrepair.

But now the mayor of Cortegada, the municipality that oversees A Barca, is offering the hamlet for free - provided the new owner can come up with a development plan to preserve the original buildings and provide employment for people in Cortegada.

Mayor Avelino Luis de Francisco Martinez showed BBC News around.

Video producer: Carolina Valladares

Camera and editing: Kacho Cano

Stop/Start is a series of video features for the BBC News website which follows both new trends that are beginning and old traditions that are coming to an end.

  • 16 Apr 2014
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