Doreen Adengo
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Ugandan American architect creates a new vision for her hometown

Doreen Adengo is a young Ugandan architect who lives in New York City.

Every summer she travels to Kampala with a group of students to study the city and its rapid growth, the migration of people from rural areas, and the development of the slums.

Adengo has found the original maps of the so-called "Garden City", which was built by the British colonial administration on seven different hills to keep the races segregated.

At that time, this kind of city planning was considered progressive because it took into consideration the African population while most colonial cities were built solely for white people.

Kampala was built for 50,000 people, but now the city has three million inhabitants. Adengo talks to the BBC about how city planning directly affects people's lives.

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  • 19 May 2014
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