Teen arthritis didn't slow Pulp's keyboard player

Candida Doyle has been the keyboard player for the band Pulp since 1984 and is responsible for well-known riffs like the rising-falling sound at the start of Common People.

At 16 she began to notice her joints were getting stiff and painful. A few months later she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and told that either she could fight for her health or she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 20.

Instead, at 20, Doyle joined the little-known local band which became huge in the 1990s.

Keeping her arthritis quiet from everyone around her including her band mates, she refused to be treated differently, carried heavy equipment, walked miles to venues and partied until the early hours just like the rest of the band.

It was only when Pulp split up when she was 40, that Candida started to get proper treatment for her arthritis.

Candida spoke to BBC News about why she never let her condition get in the way of her pop dream.

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Video journalist: Kate Monaghan

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