Spanish flamenco: Is this the last of the castanet makers?

There are few more Spanish sounds than the "click" of a pair of castanets.

Their rhythm is the bedrock of flamenco.

Few know the complexity and craftsmanship involved with castanets better than Juan Vela.

He started in the business at the age of seven and is the fourth generation of his family to practise the trade.

Now, with more than 50 years of experience, Juan is almost unique in making castanets in the traditional way.

BBC News visited Juan at his studio in Seville to find out more about the art behind this captivating sound.

Producer: Carolina Valladares

Camera and editing: Albatros Flandez

Stop/Start is a series of video features for the BBC News website which follows both new trends that are beginning and old traditions that are coming to an end.

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