D*Face captures stars who died young

The British street artist D*Face is known for his expansive murals and urban artwork.

Now he brings his work indoors in "Scars and Stripes," his largest solo show to date.

Open now at a pop-up gallery in Los Angeles, "Scars and Stripes" features the ghostly images of celebrities who died before aged 30, including Tupac Shakur, Amy Winehouse and James Dean.

D*Face, aka Dean Stockton, was drawn to these celebrities, he says, due to how quickly they achieved fame and how that sudden fame then contributed to their decline.

Visitors to the gallery should question "society's drive for celebrity and where is it going to take us," he says.

Scars and Stripes will be on display until 12 October at 315 South Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Produced by the BBC's Peter Bowes

Filmed & edited by Bryan Darling

Additional images courtesy: PMM Art Projects and Marcos Saldana