#BBCtrending: #PhillyJesus is a star online and on the street

Michael Grant is 28 years old and for the last seven months he has been walking through the streets of Philadelphia dressed up like Jesus.

Jesus, though, never carried a smart phone: Mr Grant has over 5,000 followers on his @PhillyJesus instagram account and has become a local celebrity.

Mr Grant can't walk a single block without being stopped by fans, who want a selfie with him. This Saturday he was arrested in the city's Love Park for soliciting tips.

He posted on Twitter "People come up to me and ask me to take pics with them and for them..I tell them i Dnt charge but tips are welcome.. cop said u r soliciting".

His arrest lead to a minor outcry and the hashtag "#FreePhillyJesus".

BBC's Anna Bressanin met him in Philadelphia to try to understand who he is. Is he a street performer looking for fame? Is he an unconventionally creative preacher? Or does he really believe he is Jesus?