BBC Pop Up: Why do people like bashing Pennsylvania?

The people of Pittsburgh in the US state of Pennsylvania have the "ugliest accent in America" - or that at least was the finding of one online survey.

Gawker Media ran a competition in which 16 cities were pitted against each other, with the audience asked to vote on which city's accent they thought was ugliest. The company told the BBC its competition was meant to celebrate the regions.

But in Pennsylvania - which had three of the 16 contenders - they are not happy to have won the inauspicious title, and the bad headlines that come with it. Some critics claim prejudice against the Steel City's working class roots is a factor in Pittsburgh taking the top spot.

Another blue-collar town in the mountainous northeast part of the state came second in the poll of ugly accents. Scranton, fictional home to the US version of The Office, was earlier this year named "the unhappiest region in the US" in a different unscientific survey. The results were carried in newspapers across the country.

Matt Danzico from the BBC Pop Up team explores his home state and hometown to find out why people seem so happy to bash Pennsylvania.

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