A taxi passengers in South Wales
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The taxi driver who photographs his passengers

Mike Harvey loves to travel, so to supplement his income, he started working in his spare time as a taxi driver in south Wales.

He soon found that he loved his new occupation - in particular, the interaction with his passengers.

At first he kept a basic diary, then one day he chanced upon the idea of photographing his passengers - with their consent.

The photos, which capture the diverse population of Neath and Swansea and are named after the fare for that journey, have become something of an internet hit.

Now Mike wants to take his project further afield, and has earmarked Mumbai in India as the next place to meet and photograph taxi passengers.

BBC News went along for a drive around Swansea.

Video Journalist: Dan Curtis

Photographs reproduced courtesy of Mike Harvey

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  • 27 Nov 2015
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