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Meet the Latina skate 'witches' of the Bronx

"Brujas" in Spanish means "witches". Brujas are a group of young Latino female skaters who created their own crew and meet up regularly at the skate park in the Bronx.

"We are always around skaters guys who have their own little crews, but there was never really a girls' crew in New York, so we decided to create our own," says Sheyla Grullon.

Grulllon and Arianna Gil, the group's co-founders, have been skating since they were 12 years old. Gil started skating using the board her brother received as a birthday gift but was too embarrassed to use.

"Street culture is still in a lot of ways exclusive to men," Gil says.

Brujas are now about 20 strong. These young women not only skate together, but also support each other in creative projects. We spent a day with them at the skate park in the Bronx.

Filmed and edited by Anna Bressanin