How Filipino People Power toppled dictator Marcos

In 1986, over a million Filipinos took to the streets to overthrow the corrupt and brutal regime of President Ferdinand Marcos. It was called the People Power Revolution.

President Marcos and his wife Imelda had ruled the Philippines for 20 years.

Following the murder of the anti-Marcos politician, Ninoy Aquino, a huge opposition movement rallied around his widow, Cory Aquino.

She stood against Marcos in a snap presidential election in 1986. But when Marcos was declared the winner amid massive electoral fraud, huge protests began.

The protestors were supported by the Catholic Church under the guidance of Cardinal Jaime Sin. Eventually, senior members of the army rebelled against Marcos.

Filipinos poured onto the streets to protect the rebel army officers. Loyal troops refused to fire on the crowds. After four days of mass protests, Marcos fled to Hawaii.

Acclaimed Filipino writer, Jose Dalisay, was one of those who took part in the People Power Revolution.

He spoke to Witness about the day Filipinos reclaimed their country.

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