Youth clubs: 'When you're at your lowest point, it's home'
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Youth clubs: 'Without the recording studio, I wouldn't be where I am'

Youth clubs are important spaces for lots of young people, but their numbers have been reduced over the past eight years.

We visited Community Recording Studio on St Ann's estate in Nottingham to see why they're considered so vital.

Andre, who's 21, told us there needs to be more investment in young people, and we also spoke to Liona Williams and Jah Digga.

The number of youth centres supported by local councils has more than halved since 2011, according to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime.

Ahead of the general election, Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have all pledged to invest in youth services if elected.

You can see the key points from all the manifestos here.

Video edited by Kameron Virk

Filmed by Woody Morris

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  • 26 Nov 2019
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