US Election: 'Address climate change to get my vote'

The wind starts to pick up and we get caught in a burst of heavy rain: Hurricane Zeta is heading for Jean Lafitte, just outside New Orleans. It hits the area a few hours after Radio 1 Newsbeat's visit.

Fifteen years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, with more than 1,500 people losing their lives in the state of Louisiana alone.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have both focused on jobs in the oil industry when speaking about climate change during the presidential campaign. But with coastal erosion, hurricanes and flooding all common in towns like this along the Louisiana coastline, some people here see climate change from a different perspective.

"If one of the candidates would directly address the climate change, coastal erosion and land loss happening in Louisiana, I think that would definitely sway my vote for them," 18-year-old Emerson Boutte tells Newsbeat.

Video by Matt Wareham and Daniel Rosney

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