Covid and cancer: 'It felt like the universe was out to get me'

When 20-year-old George Hatfield was diagnosed in 2019 he was told by doctors that he was one of the youngest people to have oesophageal cancer in the UK.

Initially he responded well to treatment, but in June 2020 a scan showed that he’d had a relapse.

“We were considering surgery at one point, because I was doing so well," he says.

“One of the reasons that they were hesitant on doing that was because of the pandemic.”

The group One Cancer Voice, made up of over 40 cancer charities, estimates that millions of people like George have had their cancer care affected in some way by the pandemic. 

It also wants to see the government focus on diagnosing cancer in people who have not sought medical advice for symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government says cancer treatment remains a top priority and urges people to see their GP if they have symptoms.

Video by Matt Wareham and Christian Hewgill

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