Crossed-eyed opossum becomes German media star

A cross-eyed opossum called Heidi, who is being housed in Leipzig Zoo, has become a media sensation in Germany.

The creature, who is not yet on display, has already inspired a YouTube hit song and a toy, and attracted more than 65,000 fans on Facebook.

She was abandoned in the US with her sister and moved to Germany in May.

She is the latest animal to win fame in Germany, after Paul the Octopus gained worldwide attention for predicting the 2010 World Cup results.

Heidi, who is thought to be about two-and-a-half years old, was left outside an animal shelter in North Carolina in the US, along with her sister, Naira.

The siblings, along with a male opossum called Teddy, have been at the zoo since May last year and will go on display in July.

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