Dinosaurs: Digging up the "Jurassic Mile"
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Dinosaurs: Digging up the 'Jurassic Mile'

An international team of scientists has begun excavating a treasure trove of new dinosaur fossils in North Wyoming in the western United States. The American, British and Dutch researchers say the site is so rich in bones it will likely keep them busy for the next 20 years at least. So far, they've unearthed the remains of four or five giant sauropods, along with preserved dinosaur footprints and countless fossil plants. Phil Manning is a professor at the University of Manchester, UK. He's also a scientist in residence at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, which leads the dig. He spoke about the "Mission Jurassic" project with our correspondent Jonathan Amos.

Image: Emily Osterloff/NHM

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  • 15 Aug 2019