Hong Kong protesters on storming of the Legislative Council

On 1 July 2019, hundreds of protesters stormed Hong Kong's Legislative Council, (Legco), spraying graffiti and defacing symbols of the Hong Kong law-making body. The ransacking of the government building marked a turning point in a protest movement against a now suspended extradition law.

Thousands of young people have demonstrated for eight straight weeks on the streets of Hong Kong. Weekly protests frequently escalate into heated street battles between demonstrators and the police. Protesters are demanding the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, the implementation of full democracy in Hong Kong and amnesty for all protesters arrested.

The BBC has spoken to three protesters who took part in the storming of the law-making body. They spoke to us under the condition of anonymity.

Their stories have been read by actors to protect their identities.

Video journalist: Danny Vincent

Journalist: Grace Tsoi

Animation: Davies Surya