Ex porn-star and activist explores men's rights issues

Philipp Tanzer is a former gay porn actor who now works as a hairdresser, artist and gallery owner in the Scottish Highlands.

He has been involved in the men's rights movement for over two years, first attending the International Conference on Men's Issues in London in 2018.

It's a summit where men and women who believe men are at a disadvantage in modern society convene to share their thoughts and a common ground.

Intrigued by the concept and the issues surrounding it, BBC journalist Alvaro Alvarez travelled with Philipp to the same conference, this time in Chicago in August of last year, in an attempt to get under the skin of this movement and ultimately Philipp's investment and fascination with it.

'I Am A Men's Rights Activist' is available on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday 21st April 2020.

Filmed, Produced and Directed by: Alvaro Alvarez

Researcher: Jai Chayne

Co-Producer: Lucy Proctor

Executive Producer: Kimberley Rowell